Different use of Electrolyzed reduced water ( ERW )

Type of Electrolyzed reduced water ( ERW )

  • Drinking water                 pH 8.5 to 9.5
  • Beauty Water                   pH 4.5 to 5.5 ( not for drinking )
  • Strong Acid                       pH 2.7 & Lower
  • Strong Alkaline Water    pH 11 and up ( not for drinking )

Drinking Water—pH 8.5 to 9.5

  • Revitalizes tissues
  • Promotes pH balance
  • High —ORP valuesdrink-water-before
  • Drink 3-6 liters of water per day
  • Brew coffee and tea to improve flavor, color, and nutritive values
  • Use as drinking water for pets
  • Rinse beans, peas, nuts, seeds & grains when sprouting to increase germination and speed the sprouting process
  • Use as cooking liquid for potatoes, grains, dried beans or peas, & pasta to increase flavor and increase alkalinity
  • Use as the cooking liquid for broth to extract the maximum vitamins and minerals from the vegetables and meats
  • Water seedlings or sick plants
  • Water for vases of cut flowers to extend fresh appearance

PH 4.0-6.5 ( BEAUTY WATER ) : women love this water for Its toning and firming of skin

  • pH similar to rain water
  • Tones skin
  • Softens hair & adds shine
  • Use as final rinse water after shower or bath to firm skin and soften hair—many users report significant hair re-growth洗顔
  • Mix with essential oil, spray on skin to hydrate, reduce lines & wrinkles, even skin tone and produce younger, healthier skin
  • Spray on to sooth rashes
  • Bathe pets for more lustrous coats
  • Water indoor or outdoor plants for vigor­ous growth
  • Water seedlings and plants in the garden
  • Wash your hardwood and tile floor

Strong Acid—2.7 & Lower

  • Brush teeth and gargle for 1 minute to kill the bacteria that causes gingivitis, also provides a gentle, safe bleaching of the teeth
  • Clean cuts and scrapes to remove bacteria
  • Use for all wound careacidic-water
  • Soak feet to resolve fungal toenails and athlete’s foot
  • Dab on cold sores, pimples and other break outs to kill bacteria or viruses & speed healing
  • Carry in small spray bottle to use as a hand sanitizer
  • Water acid loving plants 3 times during the growing season to produce vigorous growth & more blossoms
  • Cleans coffee and tea stains from cups
  • Removes stains from clothes without removing color & safely bleaches white clothes
  • Spray on kitchen and bathroom surfaces to clean, polish and disinfect
  • Clean and disinfect baby toys, high chairs and diaper changing areas
  • In the food Industry strong acidic water is regarded as having EXCELLENT disinfecting properties and can be substituted for alcohol and chlorine solutions
  • In the medical industry it is widely used to prevent the spread of infection(INCLUDING MRSA), general cleaning and washing of hands. For this purpose even Sheraton Hotels Worldwide has instituted the cleaning of its rooms with 2.5PH water instead of the expensive, deadly, toxic chemicals used today in most hotels and households.
  • In the agricultural industry, the water has been received with great interest for its role in reducing the amount of agricultural chemicals needed.
  • Use as a compress over cuts and wounds to insure rapid healing and prevent infections—-can also be used over external tumors by applying for 3-4 weeks straight.
  • Soak diabetic ulcers and gangrenous lesions 15 minutes per evening for two to three weeks to see miraculous results of these lesions disappearing.

Strong  Active ERW (Electrolyzed reduced water) —11.0 & UP

  • Beneficial Attributes:
  • Emulsifies oil on contact
  • Extracts nutrients effectivelyK-big-Water-Splash-PcUseful.com_
  • Highest —ORP values
  • Clean and revitalize fruits and veggies by soaking for 20 minutes
  • Soak dried beans and peas for 1 hour to speed up sprouting or cooking
  • Soak nuts, seeds or grains for 1 hour to speed up sprouting
  • Add 1 Tbs to salad dressings to keep oil emulsified
  • Soak fish or chicken for 10-15 min.
  • Drink small amounts 45 minutes before meals to enhance digestion
  • Enhances the flavor when used to steam or blanch vegetables
  • Clean greasy messes
  • Soak clothes with grease spots
  • Disburses fats and proteins from cutting boards, knives and countertops
  • Removes stubborn toilet bowl stains
  • Mix with essential oil as a refreshing linen spray
  • Add 1 liter to each load of laundry to re­place laundry detergent
  • Use to emulsify oils for making soaps and lotions
  • Use to dye dark colored clothing
  • Accelerates seed germination
  • Soak your feet for 20 minutes one or more times each week to aid your body’s detoxification process

Medical Research papers of Electrolyzed reduced water

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