Life in a fish bowl.

Why Detoxify Now?

A hundred years ago cancer was a rare occurrence, killing less than 1 in 100. Today, cancer kills 1 in 4. Some 90% of all cancer cases can be traced to pollution, diet and stress. Today, it is estimated that by the time a person is 18, he will have consumed well over his body weight in additives and preservatives alone.
As with cancer, we now have sky high levels of heart disease, lung disease, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis and other disease conditions.
These conditions are caused by tissue toxicity brought on mainly by life style, pollution and the denatured food, full of preservatives, chemicals and additives that we now eat.
Think of your environment as a fish bowl.  If the water is not changed or filtered regularly, wastes build up and can eventually extinguish the life within. One of the first functions that is put on hold when water is lacking is detoxification the ongoing removal of cellular waste and environmental toxins.
All the detoxification pathways in the body (liver-colon, kidney-bladder, skin-sweat, lung- breath, and lymphatic system) require water. When water is not supplied in abundance, wastes build up in the fluid that surrounds each cell and all the detoxification pathways become sluggish.  However, the body is ingenious.  It always adapts.
Photo, boy with his head resting on a table looking at goldfish, Color, High resUnder the stress of dehydration your body will find places to store toxins where they will not immediately interfere with critical life processes. Toxins and wastes can end up in fatty tissue, in joints, and as deposits in arteries. In the short term, life is preserved, but the long term consequences are obvious.
Drinking plenty of good water every day is like changing the water in your fish bowl. And as long as you need to drink water, you might as well get the best water possible.  For a variety of reasons, ERW (Electrolyzed reduced water) is being recognized by professionals as the best choice.


Detoxification is the body’s natural way of removing or neutralizing toxins. However, without sufficient energy, nutritional resources, and adequate water, toxins end up being tucked away where they are least likely to affect critical bodily functions.  Nothing supports the body s cleansing and elimination like good water. Water hydrates the blood and the lymph so that toxins can move rapidly through the detoxification pathways. 11detoxificationpathwaysWater is also a major factor in the enzymatic processes that break down toxic compounds. And water is obviously important during the final stage of elimination, lubricating the intestines and providing the basis of urine. When you improve the quality and the efficiency of the water you drink, detoxification pathways function more effectively and toxins can be eliminated on a timely basis.
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