•  Small Glass Dropper Bottle
  • 11.5 highly alkaline water
Step 1 – Sterilize a small dropper bottle with strongly acidic water (pH2.5)
Step 2 – Rinse thoroughly with highly alkaline water (pH 11.5)
Step 3 – Fill bottle, tightly cap and set in a bowl of very warm water (not boiling) about 5 minutes
Step 4 – Test the temperature of the water by placing a drop on the inside of your wrist (like checking the temperature of baby formula) – this is very important since temperatures a few degrees cooler or warmer can create dizziness or vertigo!
Step 5 – Tilt your head as far to the side as possible
Step 6 – Place only 1 -2 drops in your ear
Step 7 – Place cotton in the ear and leave for 1 -5 minutes
Step 8Repeat steps 5-7 in the other ear
To maintain healthy ears follow this protocol no more than 1 time per month. Earwax provides a natural protective barrier for your ears, excessive cleaning can upset the normal balance in the ear canal. Only clean using an irrigating syringe if you have a waxy build up that impairs your hearing
Earwax is a fatty substance. Chewing is the mechanism by which it naturally moves along the ear canal. Excessive stress and anxiety can cause excessive earwax production.
NOTE: Do not use 2.5 strongly acidic water or small objects to clean your ears!


Source :-DrPeggy Parker, Naturopathic Physician, Biological Medicine expert


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