Beautiful hair begins with a healthy and properly hydrated scalp. However, it is equally important to select a shampoo free from sodium laurel or laureth sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances and petroleum products. These toxic ingredients are known hormone disruptors and can lead to hair loss over time. They also contribute to a dry, scaly and itchy scalp.
  • Glass Spray Bottle
  • Warm pH 4-6 mildly acidic water
  • Mild Organic Shampoo
Step 1 – The easiest way to effectively shampoo your hair is to actually wash it in the sink. When washing your hair in the shower the majority of the shampoo is applied to the top of your head, effectively drying out the scalp in an area that receives the most harsh treatment from product, hair driers and the sun.
Step 2 – Mix desired amount of shampoo with 1 cup warm water to thin it.
Step 3 – Adjust the water temperature to lukewarm and thoroughly wet your hair. The water is a perfect temperature when warm but not so warm that the heat sensor in your ionizer starts to sound alerts.
Step 4Apply water/shampoo mixture evenly over entire scalp and saturate hair. Massage scalp and work the shampoo mixture through hair.
Step 5 – Rinse hair and scalp thoroughly with pH 4-6 mildly acidic water
Step 6 – Do NOT condition your hair unless it is exceptionally dry or course. Conditioning average hair will make it rather limp and difficult to style.
Step 7 – Style as usual.
For style touch ups between shampoos, spritz hair lightly with pH 4-6 mildly acidic water before using a flat iron or hair drier. This will revitalize and hydrate both curly and straight hair types.
If your hair tends to be frizzy add a few drops of natural conditioner, or gel mixed with the water is an instant frizz tamer!
For those who frequently use a flat iron, curling iron or hot rollers, mix a few drops of conditioning serum or styling gel with pH 4-6 mildly acidic water and very lightly spritz before using styling tools. This helps to protect the hair from the drying effects of the heat.
These conditions are often the result of an imbalance in hormones, an upset in the pH of the scalp and/or fungal infections. So for all of you who have this challenge, washing and rinsing the scalp with pH 4-6 mildly acidic water is a must, followed by spritzing the scalp at least 2 times daily. The treatment may take a few months to show measureable results.
The scalp is particularly prone to dryness from soapy residue, excessive styling products and hair driers. They can lead to pH changes, clogged pores and dry, itchy and scaly skin. Mildly acidic water is the perfect solution to all those conditions.


Source :-DrPeggy Parker, Naturopathic Physician, Biological Medicine expert
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