It is a myth that babies and children are already alkaline so ionized water is either dangerous or unnecessary! If this were true then they would not be sick! Also remember the most important aspect of ionized water is its antioxidant property. We are all exposed to oxidation from the moment of conception.
Their smaller bodies are exposed to the same environmental and internal oxidative stressors as adult bodies, they simply have not had as much exposure time.
Use a similar formula for determining the amount of water to give that we use for adults since amounts are always weight dependent. Because children are generally very active and their bodies are growing rapidly, they can actually consume a slightly higher percentage of water per pound of body weight.
  • Using a calculator, multiply your child’s body weight by .65 and by .85.
  • The first number represents the minimum number of ounces a child’s body needs just to reach a state of hydration. The second number represents the maximum number of ounces ideal for more therapeutic results.
  • Now divide that number by 5. This number represents the ideal amount of pH 9.5 ionized drinking water to consume in one sitting – within 10 minutes to deliver greater numbers of antioxidants. When working with kids I often turn this into a drinking contest and it’s amazing just how fast that water goes down!
Body Weight 32 lbs
32 x .65 = 20 oz                         20.8 -=5 = 4 oz
32 x .85 = 27 oz                         27 5 = 5.25 oz
In this example, your child would drink a minimum of 4 ounces and a maximum of 5.25 ounces of pH 9.5 drinking water 3 times per day as a part of the Basic Water Protocol. Then drink the remaining 8 to 11.25 ounces throughout the day in 4 to 5.25 ounce servings.
Just like adults, children should not drink water with their meals. Between meals be creative with special cups, straws and games to get your little ones to learn to love water! It will set the stage for a very healthy lifestyle.
Baby formula is an unnatural food for babies. When formula is the only option available I encourage mixing it with pH 9.5 Drinking Water. This helps break down some of the essential fatty acids, making them easier to assimilate. Fats are crucial to the proper development of the brain, the nervous system and cell membranes.
Skin irritations, rashes, cuts, scrapes and even diaper rash are all great candidates for treatment with various pH levels of ionized water. Depending upon the issue, follow one of the protocols in the Protocols for Skin section.
Remember it’s never too early to start caring for your skin! Just like adults, your child’s skin should be clean and hydrated. Follow the Basic Skin Care Protocol and make a game out of misting – kids love it!
Beginning with your baby’s first teeth, oral health is essential to avoid cavities. Here’s the best way to begin a life long routine for a whole mouthful of healthy, white teeth. After age 4 use the adult regimen.
Step 1 – Saturate an infant toothbrush or a nubby wash cloth with pH 2.5 strongly acidic water and thoroughly clean teeth and gums.
Step 2 – Once your child has several teeth, begin gentle flossing. Soak floss in pH 2.5 strongly acidic water before using.
Step 3 – Saturate the toothbrush or cloth with pH 11.5 strongly alkaline water and clean teeth and gums.
Step 4 – Gently irrigate teeth and gums with a bulb syringe filled with pH 9.5 drinking water to rebalance the pH of the mouth.


Source :-DrPeggy Parker, Naturopathic Physician, Biological Medicine expert


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