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My Story behind Futurewelnes.

When I was thinking about to build a website, I thought why the most of the people in this world are not healthy / wealthy? Then i found out that, when we share our Thoughts, Emotions and ideas with someone else and we expect a genuine Advice from them, we found that the first thing that comes up in their mind is, whether this information is Original, Ethical, First -Hand and valid?
This is a big Question ( Because nowadays technology is changing very rapidly ).
Now, to act, obviously there must be true individuality but the real story begins here , when generally we take information from those people who have no experience/information and knowledge of that particulate field which we share with them.
After that the most “Dangerous” thing happens because their FEAR (False Evidence Appear Real or lack of information) become our REALITY.
Therefore 95% people cannot live their LIVES because they live in FEAR (False Evidence Appear Real). Their life is based on imitation, so they are not individuals at all… When we use the experience of another, however true, as the pattern for our action it is founded on imitation, and that action is a lie…
They are just a product of other People’s thoughts. They never enlighten their Geniuses (Genie in Us), and go to their Graves with their DREAMS, Passion, Creativity and uniqueness.
I don’t know Why do we conform, imitate, copy, quote authorities, and cling to the sanction of what has been or what will be? Why can’t we discover how to live, directly, for ourselves, instead of copying somebody? Is it not because most of us are afraid to be without security? Most of us want a certain state which we call “peace”, but which is really a state in which one does not want to be disturbed. Most of us are not adventurous, and that is why we are satisfied with imitation. It is only when we break through, when we understand the process of imitation, that there is a possibility of individual action, which is creation.
Eventually to keep in mind I decided that I should build a source that provide Trend Based Original, Ethical, Valid and First -Hand information as much as possible to everyone so people can make their own decision wisely.
Anybody will tell you how to act, what to do, but in doing it, you will create more confusion and strife because your action is not the outcome of creation. To be free from conformity as a true individual you must know what you are at every moment; and in the understanding of what you are?

All information which is provided on Futurewelnes  and its YouTube channel Futurewelnes is Original, Ethical and First –Hand .
I am a strong believer that God has gifted everyone individual with quality of uniqueness, creativeness, aloneness that is creative.
 Thanks to all who gave me their valuable time to read this.

Ajit Singh

( Founder – )

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